2017 Butler Handicap
Handicap: 26-Goal
When: April 2, 2017
Where: International Polo Club
Teams: Coca-Cola vs FlexJet

The Butler Handicap Perpetual Trophy
Sunday April 2, 2017: Coca-Cola and FlexJet, 2 female driven teams, took to the field of IPC to play in the newly renewed 26-goal Butler Handicap. This tournament was once played at IPC as a subsidiary cup and will now be played as a stand-alone tournament. Paul Butler started this cup back in the 50's at Oakbrook Polo Club and his daughter Judy was at IPC to present the trophies and awards. Coca-Cola defeated FlexJet 12-9; Gillian Johnston was named the MVP of the final and her mare 'Luna' was awarded with the Best Playing Pony honors.

Best Playing Pony, 'Luna' played by Gillian Johnston, presented by Brenda Dupont; Gillian Johnston named the MVP of the Butler Handicap Final.

April 2, 2017: Gillian Johnston and her Best Playing Pony, Luna in the 26-goal Butler Handicap final at IPC.

April 2, 2017: Coca-Cola's Gillian Johnston and FlexJet's Melissa Ganzi for the Butler Handicap opening ceremonies coin toss at IPC.

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