Cartier Queen's Cup 2015
Where: Guards Polo Club, UK
When: May 19 - June 14, 2014
Handicap: 22-goal Polo
Teams Entered: 12

12 Polo teams entered the 2015 22-goal Cartier Queen's Cup at Guards Polo Club but it was King Power Foxes Polo Team who remained unbeaten throughout the tournament and claimed victory over Dubai Polo Team in England's most prestigious polo cup final Sunday June 14, 2015.

June 14, 2015: King Power Foxes Wins the 2015 22-goal Cartier Queen's Cup final defeating Dubai Polo Team in OT, winning goal by Facundo Pieres, later named MVP of the final; his mare was awarded Best Playing Pony.

June 14, 2015 The King Power Foxes Polo Team (with father) and the Cartier Queen's Cup perpetual Trophy at Guards Polo Club (UK).
Photo by Images of Polo

June 14, 2015: Facundo Pieres receives the
MVP award from HRH the Queen at
Guards Polo Club. Photo by Images of Polo
June 14, 2015: Facundo Pieres mare receives the BPP award from
HRH the Queen at Guards Polo Club. Photo by Images of Polo
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Dubai Polo vs King Power Foxes in the 2015 22-goal Cartier Queen's Cup Polo Final!

June 10, 2015: Semifinal matches in the Cartier Queen's Cup and if you were not one of the many watching live streaming or in person, There will surely be replays of the matches - check back as we wait to post the videos.
-King Power Foxes was the 1st to advance to Sunday's final after narrowly defeating Talandracas 11-10. King Power Foxes had a super strong start but Talandracas seemed to wake up in the 2nd half, turning up the heat for a neck-and-neck finish.
-The 2nd match saw a series of delays, with Adolfo Cambiaso dismounted & injured (not seriously but unable to complete the match) being replaced by Sapo Caset at the end of the 2nd chukka. A close game despite the substitution that proceeded into Overtime & almost into extra overtime as Dubai Polo Team won on a penalty shot, final score 11-10. Sapo Caset played an incredible game after playing in the previous semifinal match against King Power Foxes, totaling a 13-chukka day! Ah, the power of youth!
-King Power Foxes will face Dubai Polo Team for a 2nd time this tournament but this time in the final - there is no doubt this will be an epic game not to be missed!

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 Cartier Queen's Cup 2015 Teams Entered:

Group One

Sub-Group A:

King Power:
Tot Srivaddhanaprabha (0)
Alejandro Muzzio (7)
Guillermo Willington (7)
Marcos di Paola (8)

Nick Clarke (1)
Juan Gris Zavaleta (7)
Joaquin Pittaluga (7)
Luke Tomlinson (7)

Lyndon Lea (1)
Rodrigo Andrade (9)
Juan Martin Nero (10)
Jack Hyde (2)

Sub-Group B:

Edouard Carmignac (0)
Polito Pieres (8)
Sapo Caset (9)
Zac Hagedoorn (4)

El Remanso:
George Hanbury (3)
Charlie Hanbury (4)
Ollie Cudmore (5)
David Stirling (10)

RH Polo:
Ben Soleimani (0)
Francisco Elizalde (7)
Nico Pieres (9)
Santi von Wernich (5)

Group Two

Sub-Group C:

Rashid Albwardy (1)
Diego Cavanagh (8)
Adolfo Cambiaso (10)
Tom Brodie (2)

HB Polo:
Ludovic Pailloncy (1)
Ignacio Toccalino (8)
Ignacio Laprida (8)
Sebastien Pailloncy (3)

VPS Healthcare Sifani:
Hilali Noordeen (0)
Max Charlton (7)
Augustin Merlos (9)
Malcolm Borwick (6)

Sub-Group D:

King Power Foxes:

Top Srivaddhanaprabha (1)
TBA (1)
Gonzalito Pieres (10)
Facundo Pieres (10).

Somerton Polo:
Matt Perry (4)
Richard Le Poer (6)
Jack Richardson (6)
Ed Hitchman (5)

UAE Polo:
HH Sheikha Maitha Al Maktoum (0)
Lucas Monteverde (8)
Pablo MacDonough (10)
Santiago Stirling (4)

Schedule / Results

Tue 19th May
King Power Foxes def
VPS Healthcare Sifani 17-9
Zacara def RH Polo11-9

Wed 20th May
El Remanso def King Power 9-8
 Somerton def H B Polo 10-9

Thu 21st May
UAE Polo Team def Dubai Polo Team 16-13
Talandracas Polo Club def Salkeld 11-10

Sat 23rd May
The Royal Windsor Horse Show Cup (King Power)
King Power def RH Polo 13-10

Sun 24th May
 El Remanso def Salkeld 12-10

Zacara def Talandracas

The Kerry Packer Trophy (Dubai)
Dubai Polo Team def. Somerton 12-5

Mon 25th May
King Power Foxes def H B Polo
UAE Polo Team def VPS Healthcare Sifani 12-10

Fri 29th May
VPS Healthcare Sifani def Somerton 9-8

Salkeld def RH Polo 10-8

Sat 30th May
King Power Foxes def Dubai Polo Team 15-11
H B Polo def
UAE Polo Team 12-9

Sun 31st May
 King Power vs Talandracas Polo Club

The Richard Watt Cup (Zacara)
Zacara def El Remanso 14-13

Penalty Shootout

Sun 31st May
  Talandracas def El Remanso 5-4

Knockout for
Quarter Final Place

Tue 2nd June
Salkeld def H B Polo 14-12

3rd June
Dubai Polo Team def Somerton 13-10
RH Polo def El Remanso 14-9

King Power def VPS Healthcare Sifani 14-9


Quarter Finals

Sat 6th June
King Power Foxes def Salkeld 14-9

Dubai Polo Team def Zacara 10-8

Sun 7th Jun 11am
UAE Polo Team def King Power 11-10

The Gerard Leigh Cup (Talandracas)
  Talandracas def RH Polo 11-10


Semi Finals

Wed 10th June
King Power Foxes def Talandracas 11-10

The Hubert Perrodo Trophy (Dubai)

   Dubai Polo Team def UAE Polo 11-10 in OT



Sun 14th June

The Cartier Trophy (Subsidiary)
  11am King Power vs Salkeld

The Cartier Queens Cup
King Power Foxes vs Dubai Polo

12 Polo teams entered the 2015 22-goal Cartier Queen's Cup at Guards Polo Club looking to be the victor of England's most prestigious polo cup; the final is scheduled for June 14, 2015. Zacara, the defending champions will be taking to the field to defend their 2x title but will be without their former 10-goaler, Facundo Pieres. 10-goaler Juan Martin Nero will fill the spot on the Zacara polo team while Facundo Pieres will join his brother Gonzalito on the King Power Foxes team. It looks to be an exciting line-up and if you can't be there in person, be sure to watch the live-streaming action or check back as we add the games to this page for your viewing enjoyment. See below for the 12-team line up and the schedule when it's posted. Wellington Polo looks forward to sharing our news coverage and details of this UK polo tournament.

Zacara is the 2x defending champion with a new team for the 2015 season.

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