Cartier Queen's Cup 2014
Where: Guard's Polo Club
When: May 20 - June 15, 2014
Handicap: 22-goal Polo

Zacara Wins the 2014 Cartier Queen's Cup, 2nd year in a row, defeating Talandracas!

The Zacara Polo Team, Facundo Pieres (MVP), Lyndon Lea (Patron), Gonzalo del Tour, & Matt Perry raise the Cartier Queen's Cup Polo Trophy at Guards Polo Club after their victorious effort over Talandracas. Click image by Oscar Fridman for a larger view.

Wellington Polo is excited once again to have provided team information, schedule and results of the 22-goal 2014 Cartier Queen's Cup being played at Guard's Polo Club. 3 weeks of high-goal polo action returned to the fields of one of England's most prestigious polo tournaments with the final historically attended by HM the Queen. Fabulous polo games that started on May 20, 2014 concluded with an exciting final on June 15, 2014.
The unbeaten Zacara polo team once again victorious and defending their 2013 Cartier Queen's Cup win, this time over the talented Talandracas polo team. Facundo Pieres, scoring most of the goals and defending relentlessly against the efforts of Talandracas, was undoubtedly named the MVP of the final while his horse 'Galactica', playing 6 minutes in the final chukker, received the Best Playing Pony honors a 2nd year in a row in the Cartier Queen's Cup.

June 15, 2014: Lyndon Lea, patron of Zacara, receives the Cartier Queen's Cup trophy by HM the Queen with Arnaud Bamberger of Cartier
at Guards Polo
. Click photo by Oscar Fridman to view larger image.

June 15, 2014: Best Playing Pony 'Galactica' of the 22-goal Cartier Queen's Cup final at Guards Polo Club owned by Facundo Pieres. Galactica also won the BPP award in 2013 in this final. Click photo by Oscar Fridman to view larger image.

We are thrilled that Oscar Fridman was at the scene to photograph the final of this highly attended event andare happy to sharing this coverage with our followers. Please enjoy his photo coverage.

June 15, 2014: The entire Zacara Polo team, celebrating their 2nd consecutive win of the Cartier Queen's Cup at Guards Polo.
Click photo by Oscar Fridman to view larger image.

June 15, 2014: Facundo Pieres turning the ball for Zacara in the 22-goal Cartier Queen's Cup final against the Talandracas polo team at
Guards Polo Club
. Click photo by Oscar Fridman to view larger image.

June 15, 2014: Facundo Pieres in control of the ball in the Cartier Queen's Cup final with HM the Queen watching in the Royal Box; HM The Queen giving a Royal Wave. Click Photos by Oscar Fridman to view larger images.

June 15, 2014: Polito Pieres & Facundo Pieres chasing down the ball in the final of the 22-goal Cartier Queen's Cup final at Guards Polo;
Facundo Pieres in control of the ball during an exciting polo final against Talandracas. Click Photos for larger images.

June 15, 2014: The opening ceremonies of the 22-goal Cartier Queen's Cup final, Talandracas vs Zacara. Click photo for larger image.

June 15, 2014: The opening ceremonies of the 22-goal Cartier Queen's Cup final at Guards Polo Club. Click photo for larger image.

June 15, 2014: Defending Champions, Zacara win their 2nd consecutive Cartier Queen's Cup, defeating Talandracas 10-7 in Sunday's 3pm (10am ET) final, giving the spectators an exciting game with both teams playing in top form. The relentless Zacara Polo Team thwarting the well-played efforts of Talandracas who despite a comeback in the 2nd half, was unable to withstand the skill & determination of Facundo Pieres (MVP), his horses and the rest of the Zacara polo team who played as an outstanding team unit..

Earlier in the day, El Remanso defeated Lucchese in the subsidiary final, the Cartier Cup.

June 11, 2014:
Semifinals today determined Sunday's finalists! Zacara defeated Enigma and at 5pm for the Hubert Perrodo Trophy, Talandracas defeated UAE Polo. Polito Pieres was named MVP in the Hubert Perrodo Trophy while 'Electo' a 6-yr old stallion owned by Pablo MacDonough was awarded the Best Playing Pony honors.

June 8, 2014
: Zacara & Talandracas become the last 2 teams to qualify for the semifinals after their wins today in the quarterfinals. Zacara defeated Fox & Hounds in a super well-played game by both teams while a stunned Dubai Polo was taken by surprise from a fired-up Talandracas team.

June 7, 2014:
Two great semifinal games as UAE Polo & Enigma became the 1st semifinalists of the Cartier Queen's Cup after defeated El Remanso & Lucchese respectively.

June 5, 2014:
UAE Polo, El Remanso, Enigma Polo, Lucchese, Zacara, Fox & Hounds, Dubai Polo & Talandracas have all qualified and advance to the quarterfinals being played this Saturday & Sunday, June 7th & 8th. The 2 favorites, Zacara & Dubai Polo, both having made it through the tournaments so far without a loss.

June 1, 2014:
Another fine day in the Cartier Queen's Cup. Dubai undoubtedly securing their quarterfinal spot with their 8-4 win over EFG Bank Araveli & receiving the Richard Watt Cup Trophy for their victory. Despite the score, it was an exciting game with EFG Bank Araveli playing a really hard game.
El Remanso also took the win today defeating Twelve Oaks Estates 9-7 and giving them a 2-1 record. EFG Bank Araveli & Twelve Oaks Estates have yet to secure a win in this tournament but both teams have one game left to play, against each other in the last game before the quarterfinals, which means one will walk away with no wins at all.

May 31, 2014:
Lucchese and UAE Polo both secured wins today against Cortium Sport & Black Bears respectively. Both games though were intense & close with only a point in favor for each winning team.

May 30, 2014:
It was the Enigma polo team that ran over Sifani with a 15-4 win in today's Queen's Cup game at Guards Polo Club.

May 29, 2014:
Another win today for
the all British polo team,
Fox & Hounds over EFG Bank Aravali, a tight match with the final score 7-6. Zacara ultimately took the win over King Power, 10-9, although they had to work every angle to do so.

May 28, 2014: Although the victory went to Dubai Polo today, it was not an easy win over El Remanso, last year's finalist, the final score 15-11. If both teams continue to play as well as they did today, they will surely be in the quarterfinals.

May 27, 2014: A wet and soggy day in the UK but despite the rain, there were two exciting games of polo in today's Cartier Queen's Cup matches. Lucchese managed to find their game and pull ahead with a win of 10-9 over Black Bears. In the 2nd match, Talandracas and UAE provided another neck & neck game, with Talandracas pulling ahead enough in the end to maintain the lead until time ran out. Final score 13-12.

May 26, 2014: King Power showed their polo form today as they defeated HB Polo 12-7 in today's Queen's Cup game. Zacara with a big victory over Enigma, 15-6 in a wet & rainy Queen's Cup game.

May 21, 2014: Talandracas vs Lucchese is being played at Coworth at noon and later at 3pm, Black Bears take on Cortium at Guards Polo, 3pm.

May 20, 2014: In the opening games of the Cartier Queen's Cup, Zacara got off to a good start in defending their title as they defeated Sifani 14-6 and Enigma took charge of the field with their win of 13-9 over HB Polo.

Tournament Schedule & Results (Times listed are UK Time):

Tues May 20
Zacara defeated Sifani 14-6
Enigma defeated HB Polo 13-9
Wed May 21
12pm Lucchese
defeated Talandracas 11-10

May 21, 2014: Lucchese won their opening game against
Talandracas. Photo by Images of Polo
Wed May 21, 2014: 3pm Cortium defeated
Black Bears 10-9
Thurs May 22
12pm Dubai defeated Twelve Oaks 14-11
4pm El Remanso
defeated Fox and Hounds 10-9
Fri May 23
12pm Enigma
vs King Power 12-9
2pm Sifani defeated HB Polo 10-9
Sat May 24
(for the The Royal Windsor Horse Show Cup)
12pm UAE Polo Team defeated Lucchese 14-13
3pm Talandracas defeated
Cortium 9-7
Sun May 25 (Kerry Packer Trophy)
12pm Fox and Hounds
defeated Twelve Oaks 10-9
3pm El Remanso
defeated EFG Bank Aravali 11-8 & received the Kerry Packer Trophy
Mon May 26
12pm King Power defeated HB Polo 12-7
3pm Zacara defeated Enigma 15-6
Tues May 27
12pm Lucchese
defeated Black Bears 10-9
3pm Talandracas
defeated UAE Polo Team 13-12
Wed May 28
3pm Dubai defeated El Remanso 15-11
Thurs May 29
12pm Fox and Hounds defeated EFG Bank Aravali 7-6
3pm Zacara defeated King Power 10-9
Fri May 30
3pm Enigma
defeated Sifani 15-4
Sat May 31
12pm UAE Polo Team
defeated Black Bears 10-9
3pm Lucchese
defeated Cortium Sport 11-10
Sun June 1st 
12pm El Remanso Twelve Oaks Estate 9-7
3pm Dubai defeated Aravali 8-4 (Richard Watt Cup)
Mon June 2nd
12pm Zacara defeated HB Polo 14-9
3pm Sifani defeated King Power 13-12
Tues June 3rd
12pm Talandracas
defeated Black Bears 11-10
3pm UAE Polo Team
defeated Cortium Sport 11-5
Wed June 4
12pm Dubai defeated Fox and Hounds 10-7
3pm EFG Bank Aravali
defeated Twelve Oaks Estate 8-7
Sat June 7 (Quarterfinal)
11am Quarterfinal: UAE Polo Team defeated El Remanso 11-8
3pm Quarterfinal: Enigma Polo Team defeated Lucchese 16-15
Sun June 8 (Quarterfinal)
11am Quarterfinal: Zacara defeated Fox & Hounds 11-8
3pm Quarterfinal: Talandracas defeated Dubai Polo 13-11 & received the Gerard Leigh Cup
***Top 2 teams in each bracket and 2 best third across advance***
Wed June11 (Semifinals)

3pm Zacara defeated Enigma 11-8
5pm Semifinals Talandracas defeated UAE Polo 10-9, & received the Hubert Perrodo Trophy.
Thurs June 12 (Muscular Dystrophy Trophy)
Subsidiary Semifinals
12pm TBA
3pm TBA
Sun 15
12pm Cartier Cup: El Remanso defeated Lucchese
3pm Final of the
2014 Cartier Queen's Cup
at Guard's Polo Club: Zacara defeated Talandracas 10-7

May 13, 2014: The 15 Polo Teams found out who their rivals
are and the assigned league divisions at the Guard's Polo Club draw for the 2014 Cartier Queen's Cup.

Photo by Images of Polo

Teams Entered in the 2014 Cartier Queen's Cup:

League One

Dubai: Rashid Albwardy (2); Alastair Paterson (3); Adolfo Cambiaso (10); Diego Cavanagh (10).

EFG Bank Aravali: Jaime Huidobro (8); Alejandro Muzzio (7); Joaquin Pittaluga (7); Karan Thapar (0).

El Remanso: TBA (0); Charlie Hanbury (4); David Stirling (10); Guillermo Terrera (8).

Twelve Oaks Estate: Juan Gris Zavaleta (7); Cristian Laprida (8); Ignacio Laprida (7); Stefano Marsaglia (0).

Fox and Hounds: Max Routledge (5); George Meyrick (6); Jack Richardson (5); Tom Morley (6).

League Two

Talandracas: Edouard Carmignac (0); Juan Martin Nero (10); Polito Pieres (8); Santiago Stirling (4).

Lucchese: John Muse (0); Lucas James (7); Nico Pieres (8); Luke Tomlinson (7)

Black Bears: Guy Schwarzenbach (2); Facundo Sola (8); John Paul Clarkin (8); Patrick O'Dwyer (4).

Cortium Sports: Francisco Elizalde (7); Salvador Ulloa (7); Tomas Garcia del Rio (7); Adrian Kirby (1).

UAE Polo Team: Maitha Al Maktoum (0); Lucas Monteverde (8); Pablo MacDonough (10); Ollie Cudmore


League Three

Zacara: Facundo Pieres (10); Lyndon Lea (1); Gonzalo Deltour; Matt Perry (4).

King Power: “Top” Srivaddhanaprabha (0); Pablo Llorente (5); Gonzalito Pieres (10); Marcos di Paola (7).

Enigma: Jerome Wirth (1); Chris Mackenzie (5); Guillermo Caset (9); Guillermo Willington (7).

HB Polo: Ludovic Pailloncy (1); Ignacio Toccalino (8); Pite Merlos (8); Sebastien Pailloncy (3).

Sifani: Hilali Noordeen (0); Matias Torres Zavaleta (7); Nic Roldan (8); Juan Ambroggio (7).

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