International Polo Club Palm Beach

Wellington, Florida - 20 Goal Polo Galleries 2009


Wellington Photo covered the Final 2009 IPCPB 20 Goal Tournament which started February 3rd, 2009 with the

Iglehart Cup

Game 1: Audi* vs Lucchese - Feb 3rd 11am

Game 2: BTA vs San Saba* - Feb 3rd  1pm

Game 3: Lechuza Caracas vs Patagones* - Feb 5th 3pm

Game 4: San Saba vs Audi* - Feb 6th, 11am

Game 5: Mt Brilliant vs Lucchese* - Feb 6th, 1pm

Game 6: Isla Carroll vs EFG Bank* - Feb 6th, 3pm

Game 7: BTA vs Audi* - Feb 8th, 3pm

Game 8: Mt Brilliant vs San Saba* - Feb 9th, 1pm

Game 9: EFG Bank vs Patagones* - Feb 9th, 3pm

Game 10: Mt Brilliant vs BTA* - Feb 12th, 11am

Game 11: Lechuza Caracas vs Isla Carroll* - Feb 12th, 1pm

Game 12: San Saba vs Lucchese* - Feb 12th, 3pm

Game 13: Audi vs Mt Brilliant* - Feb 15th, 10am

Game 14: BTA vs Lucchese* - Feb 15th, 10am

Game 15: Patagones* vs Isla Carroll - Feb 15th, Noon

Game 16: Lechuza Caracas* vs EFG Bank - Feb 15th, 3pm

Semi-final 1: Audi vs Lechuza Caracas* - Feb 19th, 1pm

Semi-final 2: Lucchese vs Patagones - Feb 19th, 3pm

Final: Patagones* vs Lechuza Caracas - Feb 21st, 3pm


Pennell Cup (Subsidiary to the Iglehart)

Semi-final 1: BTA vs Isla Carroll* - Feb 18th, 3pm

Semi-final2: EFG Bank vs San Saba - Feb 19th, 11am

Final: Isla Carroll vs San Saba* - Feb 21st, Noon

(See bottom of page for current game schedules)



The IPCPB 20 Goal Tournaments continue January 22nd with the Start of the

William Ylvisaker Cup

Game 1: Luchesse vs Isla Carroll* - 1pm Jan 22nd

Game 2: Patagones* vs Audi - 3pm Jan 22nd

Game 3: EFG Bank vs San Saba* - 3pm Jan 24th

Game 5: Lechuza vs Mt Brilliant* - 3pm Jan 25th

Game 4: Isla Carroll vs BTA* - 10am Jan 26th

Game 5: Semi-final 1: BTA vs Patagones* - 1pm Jan 29th

Game 6: Semi-final 2: San Saba vs Mt Brilliant* - 3pm Jan 29th

Exhibition Match: San Saba vs Harvard -2pm Feb 1st

Game 7: Final: Mt Brilliant* vs Patagones - 3pm Feb 1st

Mt Brilliant - Winners of the 2009 Ylvisaker Cup - Feb 1, 2009

George Haas Subsidiary

January 25th - Audi vs Luchesse*

SF 1: Lechuza* vs Luchesse - 11am Jan 29th

SF 2: Isla Carrol vs EFG Bank* - 11am Jan 29th

Final: Luchuza Caracas* vs EFG Bank - Noon February 1st

Lechuza Caracas- Winners of the George Haas Cup  - Feb 1, 2009



20 Goal Leagues at IPCPB start January 8th, 2009 with the

Joe Barry Cup Through January 18, 2009

Game 1: EFG Bank vs Isla Carroll

Game 2: January 10 - 3p.m. (Patagones* vs Lucchese)

Game 3: January 11 Noon (Mt Brilliant vs BTA*)

Game 4: January 11 3pm (SF1 Isla Carroll vs San Saba*)

Game 5: January 14th 3pm (SF2 BTA* vs Patagones)

Game 6: Joe Barry Final Jan.18th 3pm (BTA* vs San Saba)

* BTA - Winners of the 2008 USPA Joe Barry Memorial Jan.18,2009 at I.P.C.*

Bobby Barry Subsidiary Cup

Semi Final Game 1: EFG Bank* vs Luchesse

Semi Final Game 2: Isla Carroll vs Mt Brilliant*

Bobby Barry Final: EFG Bank vs Mt Brilliant*


*Mt Brilliant - Winners of the Bobby Barry Memorial Jan 18, 2009 *


Ylvisaker Cup Team Line-up:

Audi, BTA, EFG Bank, Isla Carroll, Lechuza, Lucchese, Mt. Brilliant, Patagones, & San Saba

Iglehart Cup - Herbie Pennell Cup - 20 Goal - Feb 3-22, 2009

Tues 3       11am      Lucchese vs Audi  on Isla Carroll East

         1pm      San Saba vs. BTA   on IPC #3

Thurs 5       3pm      Patagones vs. Lechuza Caracas 

Fri 6          11am      San Saba vs Audi  

         1pm      Lucchese vs. Mt. Brilliant 

                   3pm      Isla Carroll vs. EFG Bank

Sun 8          3pm      BTA vs. Audi 

Mon 9         1pm      San Saba vs Mt. Brilliant   

                   3pm      Patagones vs EFG Bank

Thurs 12     11am     BTA vs Mt. Brilliant 

                   1pm      Lechuza Caracas vs Isla Carroll  

                   3pm      San Saba vs Lucchese

Sat 14         11am    Jimmy Newman Cup

                   3pm      40 Goal Challenge

Sun 15        TBA      Patagones vs Isla Carroll  

                  TBA      BTA vs Lucchese 

                  TBA      Audi vs Mt. Brilliant 

                   3pm      Lechuza Caracas vs EFG Bank 

Wed 18    1pm & 3pm     Pennell Cup Semifinal 

Thurs 19  1pm & 3pm      Iglehart Cup Semifinal

Sat 21         3pm      Westchester Cup

Sun 22       Noon      Pennell Cup Final

                   3pm      Iglehart Cup Final