20-Goal Iglehart Cup 2017
When: February 24 - March 11, 2017
Handicap: 20-goal
Teams Entered: 5
Location: International Polo Club, Wellington, FL

This tournament is played in honor of Phillip Iglehart who was
instrumental in both the founding of the Polo Museum & Hall of
Fame and relocating the Gulfstream Polo Club to its Lake Worth

Wellington Polo provides schedules, results, and team details for the annual 20-goal Iglehart Cup played at the International Polo Club. This is the last 20-goal tournaments of the high-goal winter season played at the International Polo Club in Wellington, FL.

March 12, 2017: under rain-threatened skies, Equine Liquid Biocell and La Indiana faced each other in Sunday's final with a final chukker determining the fate for La Indiana who came back from a slow start within a goal of the Equine Liquid Biocell win, 11-10 the final score.  Jared Zenni was presented with the Most Valuable Player award. 'Aran' owned by Michael Bickford of La Indiana and played by Ruki Baillieuin the 2nd and 6th chukkers was awarded with the Best Playing Pony honors.

The Equine Liquid Biocell Team (Jared Zenni, Hilario Ulloa, Duilio Diaz and Agustin Obregon) with the 2017 Iglehart Cup Trophy at IPC

Jared Zenni receiving the MVP award from George Dupont; Best Playing Pony award presented by Brenda Dupont, went to 'Aran' a 7yr mare
owned by Michael Bickford & played by Ruki Baillieu in the 2nd and 6th chukkers.

The Equine Liquid Biocell team celebrating their win of the 2017 Iglehart Cup at IPC.

Mike Azzaro of La Indiana and Hilario Ulloa of Equine Liquid Biocell chasing down the ball in the 2017 Iglehart Cup final at IPC.

Jared Zenni, MVP scoring a goal in the 2017 Iglehart Cup final at International Polo Club.

Michael Bickford of La Indiana and Hilario Ulloa competing for possession of the ball near goal in the 2017 Iglehart Cup final at IPC.
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Equine Liquid Biocell
Jim Zenni
Agustin Obregon
Hilario Ulloa
Jared Zenni

Goose Creek
Maureen Brennan
Peke Gonzalez
Tomas Garcia del Rio
Mariano Gonzalez

La Indiana
Michael Bickford
Ruki Bailleau
Jeff Hall
Mike Azzaro

Mt Brilliant
Bo Goodman
Jason Crowder
Santi Chavanne
Julian Daniels

Jeff Hildebrand
Costi Caset
Facundo Obregon
Sapo Caset

Wellington Polo Calendar

2017 Iglehart Cup Schedule & Results:

Friday Feb 24:
Mt Brilliant
def Goose Creek 10-9 in OT
Equine Liquid Biocell def Tonkawa 10-9 in OT

Thursday March 2:
Equine Liquid Biocell defeated
La Indiana 12-5

Friday March 3:
Tonkawa def Goose Creek 10-8

Saturday March 4:
Mt Brilliant def La Indiana 13-12 in OT

Wednesday March 8
La Indiana def Tonkawa 11-8
Equine Liquid Biocell def Mt Brilliant 10-8

Sunday March 12:
Final of the Iglehart Cup
Equine Liquid Biocell defeats La Indiana 11-10

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