2018 USPA Joe Barry Memorial Cup
Handicap: 20-goal
Teams Entered: 11
Where: International Polo Club Palm Beach
When: January 6 - 28, 2018

There are 11 teams entered in this 2018 tournament played in honor of Joe Barry. New teams are joining veteran teams in an effort to claim the trophy. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @WellingtonPolo for updates on all IPC high-goal tournaments and at Facebook.com/WellingtonPolo for more in-depth up-to-the-minute news releases.
Lots of rain has caused game postponements and rescheduling. See the calendar below for the most recent updated scheduling (Jan 12) and note the new date of the final, Sunday January 28th at 3pm.
See below for Team Details, Schedules, results and photos of the games we cover!

The International Polo Club's Sports House & spectator entrance.

Joe Barry Memorial Perpetual Trophy

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Joe Barry Results:

Team & Bracket Details

Bracket 1:

Colorado (0-0)
Rob Jornayvaz 1
Santino Magrini 3
Juan Britos 7
Diego Cavanagh 9

Goose Creek (0-0)
Maureen Brennan 1
Peke Gonzalez 5
Matias Magrini 7
Mariano Gonzalez 7

Postage Stamp Farm (0-0)
Annabelle Gundlach A
Brandon Phillips 5
Kris Kampsen 6
Mariano Aguerre 9

Modere (0-0)
Jim Zenni A
Jared Zenni 5
Agustin Obregon 5
Hilario Ulloa 10

Bracket 2:

Tonkawa (0-0)
Jeff Hildebrand A
Cody Ellis 3
Julian de Lusarreta 7
Sapo Caset 10
Sterling Giannico 3

SD Farms (0-0)
Sayyu Dantata 2
Adam Snow 5
Peco Polledo 6
Inaki Laprida 7

Pilot (0-0)
Curtis Pilot A
Timmy Dutta 1
Gonzalito Pieres 9
Facundo Pieres 10

La Indiana (0-0)
Michael Bickford 2
Victorino Ruiz Jorba 5
Facundo Obregon 6
Jeff Hall 7

Bracket 3

Coca-Cola (0-0)
Gillian Johnston 2
Sugar Erskine 6
Julio Arellano 8
Steve Krueger 4

Grand Champions PC (0-0)
Grant Ganzi 2
Juancito Bollini 4
Mike Azzaro 6
Nico Pieres 8

Travieso (0-0)
Teo Calle 1
Tony Calle 3
Tomas Garcia del Rio 7
Sebastian Merlos 9

Joe Barry Games are played at the International Polo Club Palm Beach

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