106th USPA Arcalux U.S. Open Polo Championships

March 28-April 18, 2010 at IPCPB, Wellington, Florida

Results / Gallery Links:

Sunday April 18, 2010 Final: Crab Orchard defeats Audi 13-8

Opening Ceremonies

Game Photos

Trophy & Awards Ceremonies

Hilario Ulloa - 'there' at nearly every play wins the well-deserved MVP award

Crab Orchard wins 26-goal Triple Crown win - CV Whitney Cup, Piaget Gold Cup & the 106th US Open Polo Championships at IPCPB, Wellington, FL
Horses & Grooms of Audi & Crab Orchard

Umbrella's - a Florida essential...

Fans & Spectators line up for the Trophy presentation, well equipped for the rain


New Gallery - Highlights from both Semi-final Games

Thurs April 15: Semifinals

Semifinal: Crab Orchard defeated Valiente

Game Photos

Semifinal:  Audi defeated Lechuza Caracas  - (Newly Uploaded!)

Game Photos


Sat April 10:

3pm Crab Orchard defeats Orchard Hill in the Quarterfinals  (Bracket II)

Horses & Grooms of Crab Orchard - Orchard Hill

Thurs April 8:

11am Valiente defeated Las Monjitas   (Bracket I)

Horses of Valiente vs Las Monjitas game

3pm Lechuza Caracas defeated Bendabout/Wanderers  (Bracket I)

Wed 7:

10am Audi defeated Orchard Hill  (Bracket II)

1pm Crab Orchard defeated Piaget (Bracket II)

Easter Sunday 4:

10am  Crab Orchard defeated Pony Express  (Bracket II)

Noon  Las Monjitas defeated Bendabout/The Wanderers  (Bracket I)

12:30  Audi defeated Piaget  (Bracket II)

3pm  Valiente defeated Lechuza Caracas (Game Photos)(Bracket I)

Horses of Valiente & Lechuza Caracas

Easter Egg Hunt

Pre-game Ceremonies

Celebrity Guests

Hats & Halftime

Wed 31:

1pm Audi defeated Crab Orchard  (Bracket II)

3pm Orchard Hill defeated Pony Express (Bracket II)

Sun 28:

Noon  Orchard Hill defeated Piaget     (Bracket II)

3pm   Audi defeated Pony Express (Bracket II)


2010 US OPEN Polo Championship sponsored by Arcalux starts Sunday March 28. The nine teams entered are split in two divisions of 4 & 5, playing 3 and 4 games respectively. The top two teams in each bracket advance to the semifinals.

Bracket I                                             Bracket II

Lechuza                                                Audi

Valiente                                                 Pony Express

Bendabout/The Wanderers                      Orchard Hill

Las Monjitas                                          Piaget

Crab Orchard


U.S. OPEN Schedule

Sun 28:

Noon Orchard Hill vs. Piaget Bracket II

3pm   Audi vs. Pony Express Bracket II


Wed 31:

1pm Audi vs. Crab Orchard Bracket II

3pm Pony Express vs. Orchard Hill Bracket II


Sun 4:

10am Pony Express vs. Crab Orchard Bracket II

Noon Bendabout/The Wanderers vs. Las Monjitas   Bracket I

12:30pm Audi vs. Piaget Bracket II

3pm Lechuza Caracas vs. Valiente Bracket I


Wed 7:

10am Audi vs. Orchard Hill Bracket II

1pm Piaget vs. Crab Orchard Bracket II


Thurs 8:

11am Las Monjitas vs. Valiente of 1st round games   Bracket I

3pm Bendabout/Wanderers vs Lechuza Caracas Bracket I


Sat 10:

1pm Pony Express vs. Piaget Bracket II

3pm Orchard Hill vs. Crab Orchard Bracket II


Sun 11:

Noon Lechuza vs Las Monjitas Bracket I teams

3pm Valiente vs Bendabout/Wanderers Bracket I teams


Thurs 15:

TBA Semifinal: - Valiente (1st place Bracket I) vs. Crab Orchard (2nd place Bracket II)

TBA Semifinal: 2nd place Bracket I vs. Audi (1st place Bracket II)


Sat 17:

3pm Hall of Fame Cup Final (Subsidiary)


Sun 18:

3pm  Final – 106th USPA Arcalux U.S. Open Polo Championships - Audi vs Crab Orchard