2012 26 Goal USPA CV Whitney Cup

Sponsored by Royal Salute

Where: International Polo Club Palm Beach
When: February 19 - March 4, 2012
Handicap: 26 Goal

Wellington Photo / Wellington Polo provides coverage of the Royal Salute USPA 26 Goal C.V. Whitney Cup, the 1st of the 26 goal tournaments played at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida. The Royal Salute 26 Goal USPA C.V. Whitney Cup started Sunday, February 19, 2012. The Final was March 4, 2012. See below for Photo coverage, calendar, map, Team Line-up & the Game Schedule/Results.


March 4, 2012: Valiente I defeated Valiente II 10-8 in the Royal Salute U.S.P.A 26 goal C.V. Whitney Final played Sunday at 4pm on the Piaget Field (main stadium). The 13th Duke of Argyll (Ambassador for Royal Salute) officiated the coin toss and handed out the trophies to both teams at the award ceremony.

'Mia' owned by Adolfo Cambiaso was awarded Best Playing Pony of the 2012 Royal Salute C.V. Whitney Cup

Father and son teams, Valiente I vs Valiente II, took to the Piaget Field at International Polo Club Palm Beach to play in the 2012 U.S.P.A. 26 goal Royal Salute C.V. Whitney Cup Final. The 13th Duke of Argyll, the Royal Salute Ambassador, was on hand officiating the opening ceremony coin toss as well as handing out the trophies at the award ceremony. The first chukker started off slowly with numerous whistles breaking up the plays, but by the 2nd chukker, the game was moving along with lots of back and forth action and both teams scoring. It was an evenly matched game as the score throughout was either tied up or within a point's difference - both teams playing brilliantly. With the start of the final 6th chukker, the score was all tied up 8-8, but in the end, Valiente I defeated Valiente II; father showing son that his well put together team had what it took to be victorious over some of the world's best polo players - the final score 10-8.
Polito Pieres of Valiente I was named MVP & Adolfo Cambiaso's mare was named Best Playing Pony. ~  WellingtonPolo.com

2012 Photo Galleries of the Royal Salute 26 goal USPA C.V. Whitney Cup (View all galleries by clicking here)

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March 4, 2012: Valiente I defeated Valiente II 10-8 in the Royal Salute U.S.P.A 26 goal C.V. Whitney Final.

March 4, 2012: Valiente I vs Valiente II

March 4, 2012: Opening Ceremonies with the 13th Duke of Argyll officiating the Coin Toss & Selections from the 'Halftime Champagne Divot Stomp'

March 4, 2012: Valiente I defeated Valiente II (10-8) - Award Ceremony with the
13th Duke of Argyll Handing out the trophies to the C.V. Whitney Cup Finalists
MVP - Polito Pieres (Valiente I) & BPP awarded to 'Mia' owned by Adolfo Cambiaso

March 4, 2012: Valiente I vs Valiente II Horses & Grooms at the C.V. Whitney Final

February 29, 2012: Valiente I & Valiente II defeat Zacara & ERG in the CV Whitney semifinal games and advance to the finals played Sunday March 4, 2012.

February 29, 2012: Valiente I defeated ERG 12-11

February 29, 2012: Valiente II defeated Zacara 11-5


February 25, 2012: Valiente I, Valiente II, Zacara, & ERG win their CV Whitney Quarterfinal games today and advance to the semifinals played next Wednesday February 29, 2012 (see schedule & results below)

Feb 25, 2012: Zacara defeated Piaget in Quarterfinals

Feb 25, 2012: Valiente II defeated Coca-Cola in Quarterfinals

February 19, 2012: Valiente I, Zacara, & Coca-Cola win their games & advance to the CV Whitney Quarterfinals.

February 19, 2012: Valiente 1 defeated Lechuza Caracas 9-6

February 19, 2012: Zacara defeated Las Monjitas 11-10

February 19, 2012: Coca-Cola defeated Audi 14-7

The 2012 Game Schedule of the Royal Salute 26 goal USPA C.V. Whitney Cup:








Feb 19


Audi vs Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola (14-7)





Alegria vs Orchard Hill

Orchard Hill (12-10)





Zacara vs Las Monjitas

 Zacara (11-10)





Lechuza Caracas vs Valiente I

 Valiente I (9-6)









Feb 25


La Ensenada vs Valiente I

Valiente I (15-10)

IC West




Valiente II vs Coca-Cola

Valiente II (13-10)





Piaget vs Zacara

Zacara (11-9)





ERG vs Orchard Hill

ERG (15-11)









Feb 29


Zacara vs Valiente II

Valiente II (11-5)





Valiente I vs ERG

Valiente I (12-11)





Royal Salute CV Whitney Subsidiary Final - Les Armour Cup :




March 3

3 pm

C.V. Whitney Cup Subsidiary - Les Armour Cup Las Monjitas vs Alegria

Alegria (9-7)




Royal Salute CV Whitney Final




 March 4

  4 pm

Valiente I vs Valiente II

Valiente I (10-8)


Game times & Fields are subject to change - please call the IPC Hotline at 561-282-5290 for updates / game confirmation  

The 12 Teams Entered in the Royal Salute 26 goal USPA C.V. Whitney Cup:

Audi (26)

La Lechuza Caracas (26)

Piaget (23)

Marc Ganzi 1

Nico Pieres 8

Gonzalito Pieres 10

Jeff Hall 7

Victor Vargas 1

Sapo Caset 10

Juan Martin Nero 10

Facundo Obregon 5

Melissa Ganzi A
Negro Astrada 8
Nic Roldan 7
Rodrigo Andrade 8

Alegria (26)

La Ensenada (25)

Valiente I (26)

Julian Mannix 3

Freddie Mannix 6

Mariano Aguerre 9

Tomas Garcia del Rio 8

Ernesto Gutierrez A
Lucas James 8T
Matias Magrini 9T
J.A. Garcia Grossi 8

Bob Jornayvaz A

Polito Pieres 8

Miguel N Astrada 9

Nacho N AStrada 9

Coca-Cola (26)

Las Monjitas (26)

Valiente II (25)

Gillian Johnston 1

Hilario Ulloa 9

Julio Arellano 9

Luis Escobar 7

Camilo Bautista A

Inaki LaPrida 7

Javier N Astrada 9

Eduardo N Astrada 10

Robert Jornayvaz A

Adolfo Cambiaso 10

Pelon Stirling 9

Matias Torres Zavaleta 6

ERG (26)

Orchard Hill (26)

 Zacara (26)

Scott Wood A

Augustine Merlos 9

Sebastian Merlos 9

Paco de Narvaez 8

Steve Van Andel A

Mariano Gonzalez 7

Pablo Macdonough 10

Lucas Criado 9

Lyndon Lea 1

Joaquin Pittaluga 7T

Magoo LaPrida 8

Facundo Pieres 10


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La Lechuza Caracas 2011 Defending Champions of the USPA 26 Goal CV Whitney Cup