26-Goal Gold Cup 2016
Where: International Polo Club Palm Beach
When: March 6th - March 27th, 2016
Teams Entered: 8

The Gold Cup Perpetual Trophy
The 26 goal Gold Cup sets the standards for the USPA 26-goal tournaments played during the 2016 high goal polo season at IPCPB in Wellington, FL with games beginning March 10th, 2016 & concluding with the final on Easter Sunday, the 27th of March. The Audi Polo Team is the defending champions of the 26-goal Gold Cup. View the Upcoming Schedule, Results, Calendar, Map and photos below. Don't forget to Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter to keep up with all of the 2016 high-goal polo action played at the International Polo Club Palm Beach!

March 27, 2016: Despite playing one of their best games, Defending champions Audi Polo was edged out by a goal from undefeated Dubai in Sunday's Final of the 2016 USPA 26-goal Gold Cup at IPC, final score 12-11. MVP was awarded to Facundo Sola and Best Playing Pony went to "Flo" (owned by Valiente & played by Adolfo Cambiaso).

Visit our Gallery of Game Footage, Dubai vs Audi which also includes Opening ceremonies and Halftime Easter Hat fun - Click Here!

March 27, 2016: Dubai Polo Team, Alejo Taranco, Rashid Albwardi, Facundo Sola & Adolfo Cambiaso, raise the perpetual Gold Cup after their win over defending champions, Audi in a neck-and-neck final. Photo by Alex Pacheco.

March 27, 2016: Finals Set for 2016 USPA 26-goal Gold Cup - Dubai will face the defending champions, Audi!
White Birch and Valiente will face each other at 11am on Valiente's field in the Tesoro Cup subsidiary final.

March 23, 2016: Dubai and Audi head to the finals after their wins in the semifinals against Coca-Cola and Orchard Hill respectively.

March 20, 2016: A dreary day for Sunday polo but the rain steered clear and allowed the quarterfinals to be played. The 1st quarterfinal saw Orchard Hill up against FlexJet with Hilario Ulloa substituting for the injured Facundo Pieres (broken mallet hand thumb). Together with Polito Pieres, the Orchard Hill team wasted no time scoring relentlessly against the FlexJet team. An unfortunate slip of Polito's horse caused him to fall and with a possible break to his clavicle, was replaced by Lucas Criado. Orchard Hill went on to win the game, despite a huge comeback for FlexJet.
In the 3pm featured match of the week, it was Coca-Cola who would upset the Lucchese basket and take the win - team patron Jillian Johnston was named the MVP of the match and Miguel Novillo Astrada's horse 'One' was awarded the Best Playing Pony honors of the game. Orchard will play Audi, the defending champions, in the Wednesday semifinal match and Coca-Cola will face unbeaten Dubai. We wish both
Facundo and his cousin Polito a speedy recovery! Visit our Gallery for complete photo coverage of the 3pm quarterfinal - View all game results/photos below.
-Coca-Cola defeats Lucchese Photo Gallery
-Opening Ceremonies/Halftime Fun & Award Ceremony Photo Gallery

March 17, 2016: The 3rd Round of the Gold Cup was a determining factor for nearly every team, a win for Orchard Hill over White Birch moved them into Sunday's quarterfinal spot, a win from FlexJet over Audi allows them to face Orchard Hill while Audi moves directly to Wednesday's semifinals. Undefeated Dubai defeated Lucchese, who also advances to the Sunday quarterfinals while Dubai moves on to the semifinal round and Coca-Cola defeated Valiente, giving Coca-Cola the final spot against Lucchese in Sunday's quarterfinal action. White Birch and Valiente will seek redemption in the upcoming USPA 26-goal 112 U.S. Open Polo Championships.

March 13, 2016: The 2nd Round of the Gold Cup with all 8 teams continued the 26-goal polo with Audi, Lucchese and Dubai maintaining their all win record while Coca-Cola picked up their 1st win against Flex Jet, now with a 1-1 win-loss record. The 3rd round will have all 8 teams face each other again Thursday March 17th. See Calendar for details. Sunday Polo highlights included guest celebrities John Walsh of America's Most Wanted and Nacho Figueras of Ralph Lauren and Neil Hirsch with his Boys & Girls Club Choir singing the National Anthem for the opening ceremonies of the 3pm featured match of the week.
Visit our photo galleries to view photos from the 2 matches Wellington Polo covered:
-Dubai defeats Orchard Hill Photo Gallery
-Coca-Cola defeats Flex Jet Photo Gallery

Sunday March 13, 2016: Dubai defeated Orchard Hill & remains unbeaten thus far.

Sunday March 13, 2016: Coca-Cola defeated FlexJet:

March 10, 2016: The USPA 26 goal Gold Cup got underway with the 1st round, all 8 teams taking to the fields of Wellington. Audi, Lucchese, Flex Jet and Dubai claim the 1st wins of this tournament. The 2nd round will get underway Sunday March 13, 2016 with 4 games - all 8 teams.



Sunday, March 27, 2016 FINALS

Dubai Claims the USPA Gold Cup Final!

Dubai defeated Audi 12-11

MVP: Facundo Sola

Photo by Alex Pacheco

BPP: 'Flo' played by Adolfo Cambiaso
Owned by Valiente

Photo by Alex Pacheco

Tesoro Cup Subsidiary Final - White Birch def Valiente
MVP: Hilario Ulloa
BPP: Ventura (owned by Bob Jornayvez)

Wednesday, March 23 Semifinals
(Photos by Alex Pacheco)
Dubai def. Coca-Cola 11-9

Audi def. Orchard Hill 12-10

Sunday, March 20

Coca-Cola def. Lucchese 11-8

Photo by Aurora/WellingtonPolo

Orchard Hill def. FlexJet 12-9

Photo by Alex Pacheco

Thursday, March 17* (Photos by Alex Pacheco)
Orchard Hill def. White Birch 12-10 Bracket I

Dubai def.
Lucchese 11-6 Bracket I

Flex Jet def.
Audi 11-9 Bracket II

Coca Cola def. Valiente 12-11 in OT Bracket II

Sunday, March 13
Dubai def. Orchard Hill 10-7  Bracket I

Coca Cola def. Flex Jet 11-9 Bracket II

Lucchese def. White Birch 10-9 OT Bracket I

Photo by Alex Pacheco

Audi def. Valiente 9-7 Bracket II

Photo by Alex Pacheco

Thursday March 10 (Photos by Alex Pacheco)
Flex Jet def. Valiente 10-8 Bracket II

Dubai def. White Birch 13-7 Bracket I

Audi def. Coca Cola 10-9 OT Bracket II

Lucchese def. Orchard Hill 13-12 OT  Bracket I

Team Roster


Audi (26)
Defending Champions

Marc Ganzi 1
Gonzalo Pieres 9
Rodrigo Andrade 9
Freddie Mannix 7

Coca Cola (26)
Gillian Johnston 2
Sugar Erskine 7
Julio Arellano 8
Miguel Astrada 9

Dubai (26)
Rashid Albwardy 2
Alejo Taranco 6
Facundo Sola 8
Adolfo Cambiao 10

Flex Jet (26)
Melissa Ganzi A
Agustin Merlos 9T
Sebastian Merlos 9
Nic Roldan 8

Lucchese (26)
John Muse A
Magoo Laprida 8
Nico Pieres 8
Sapo Caset 10

Orchard Hill (26)
Steve Van Andel A
Polito Pieres 10
Facundo Pieres 10
Julian De Lussareta 6

Valiente (25)
Bob Jornayvaz 2
Santi Chavanne 7
Diego Cavanagh 8
Tomas Garcia del Rio 8

White Birch (26)
Ezequiel Ferrario 7
Hilario Ulloa 9
Mariano Aguerre 9
Peter Brant 1

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Wellington Polo Calendar

A Dubai Polo pony at the 2016 Gold Cup final

March 20, 2016
Best Playing Pony "One" owned by Miguel Novillo Astrada

FlexJet polo pony, "Caramel"

Guest Celebrities Nacho Figueras of Ralph Lauren &
John Walsh of America's Most Wanted with
John Wash, President of Club Operations at IPC
bringing awareness to the Neil Hirsch Boys & Girls Club
of Wellington, Florida.

A Coca-Cola polo pony waits to play.

Halftime champagne divot stomp at IPC Sunday Polo.

Joe Budd, a Sunday polo regular, always knows how to have fun

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and
it is no different for a horse.
Map of International Polo Club Palm Beach

Audi Polo, The defending champions of the 26-goal Gold Cup

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