Joe Barry Memorial Cup 2011 - 20 Goal Polo

Wellington Photo is excited to cover once again, the 2011 20 goal Joe Barry Memorial Cup played at the International Polo Club Palm Beach. With 8 teams entered, this polo action is not to be missed. Get Hooked on the Action!

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Action Highlights from the current 2011 Joe Barry Memorial Cup

Joe Barry Cup & Bobby Barry Cup Subsidiary Jan 8-23, 2011

Faraway Polo wins the 2011 Joe Barry Memorial Cup defeating Bendabout 10-9 at the International Polo Club January 23, 2011


Sunday January 23rd: 


Noon Bobby Barry Cup Final:

3pm Joe Barry Memorial Cup Final: Faraway defeats Bendabout 10-9 Piaget Field (Main Stadium)

Faraway defeats Bendabout 10-9 Game Gallery


MVP Julio Gracida (Faraway Polo) keeping control of the ball.
Horses & Grooms Gallery

Halftime Fun &
People Loving Polo Gallery

Award Ceremony Gallery
Faraway wins the 2011 Joe Barry Cup

Jan 20       Thursday Bobby Barry (Subsidiary) Semifinals

        1pm Bobby Barry Semifinal: ERG defeats Zacara

      3pm Bobby Barry Semifinal: Patagones defeats Valiente

Jan 19       Wednesday  Joe Barry Semi-Finals

1pm Semifinal: Bendabout defeats Lucchese

Bendabout defeats Lucchese Game Gallery

Bendabout-Lucchese Horses & Grooms Gallery

3pm Semifinal: Faraway Polo defeats Mt Brilliant

 Faraway Polo defeats Mt Brilliant Game Gallery

Faraway Polo-Mt Brilliant Horses & Grooms Gallery

Sun Jan 16  10am Mt Brilliant defeats Lucchese in O/T 12-11 Bracket II Field 5

          Noon Patagones defeats Zacara 10-9 Brackett II Field 2

                      3pm Bendabout defeats Faraway Polo 11-10 Bracket I Piaget Field (Main Stadium)

Sat Jan 15   ERG defeats Valiente Brackett I Isla Carroll West Field

Thursday January 13, 2011 Lucchese defeats Zacara 13-12 in O/TBracket II - field 4

 Lucchese defeats Zacara in O/T Game Gallery

Lucchese-Zacara Horses & Grooms

Thursday January 13, 2011 Mt. Brilliant defeats Patagones 13-10 Bracket II - field 3

Mt. Brilliant defeats Patagones 13-10

Mt Brilliant - Zacara Horses & Grooms

Wednesday January 12, 2011 Bendabout defeats Valiente Bracket I - field 2

Bendabout defeats Valiente

Bendabout - Valiente Horses & Grooms

Wednesday January 12, 2011 Faraway defeats ERG Bracket I - field 5

Saturday January 8     1pm Bendabout defeats ERG 12-11 - Bracket I - Field #3

  •  Bendabout vs ERG Game Gallery

     Horses & Grooms Gallery

Saturday January 8     3pm Valiente defeats Faraway Polo 12-11 in O/T - Bracket I - Field # 4
  •  Valiente vs Faraway Game Gallery

    Horses & Grooms Gallery

Sunday January 9      Noon Lucchese defeats Patagones 18-10 Bracket II - Field #2

Lucchese vs Patagones Game Gallery

Horses & Grooms Gallery

Sunday January 9    3pm Mt.Brilliant defeats Zacara Bracket II - Main Stadium - Piaget Field
  •  Mt Brilliant vs Zacara Game Gallery

    Mt Brilliant vs Zacara Game (2nd camera view)

    Horses & Grooms Gallery 

    Halftime fun & People Loving Polo Gallery

    Opening Ceremonies Gallery

    Wellington High School at Polo


All Games are played at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, Wellington, FL

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