Wellington Polo Photo Team

The main objective of this site is to provide an in-depth look into the exciting fast-paced world of Polo in
Wellington, the surrounding areas of Florida & Other Major Tournaments Worldwide including the high-goal polo of the UK, the Queen's Cup and Gold Cup, Santa Maria Polo Club's Silver & Gold Cup in Sotogrande,
Spain & the highest-rated polo in the world, the Triple Crown Polo tournaments in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Wellington Polo has a talented group of Nikon photographers contributing exciting polo photography for a
vivid, international online experience.

Photographer Aurora Jarett-Goldstein (Vero-Wellington, FL)

Aurora Jarett-Goldstein is a South Florida Native, 3rd generation equestrian & photographer with a life-long passion for horses. After over 30 years of owning & riding & training primarily Thorobred horses for jumping, dressage and polo, she switched gears to travel & develop her artistic side, settling on equestrian photography & paintings both abstract and realistic. Although frequently covering dressage & show jumping events, polo photography at International Polo Club in Wellington, FL during the winter season has become her main focus. Lots of action, amazing horses & the fact that no moment can be exactly anticipated is what makes her feel polo is the most exciting to photograph and capture of all the equestrian sports.

Photographer Bruce Jarett (Vero-Wellington, FL)

Bruce Jarett is a long-time talented photographer & commercial writer for the film, music industry, as well as multiple media sources including Newsweek Magazine. Bruce has exceptional digital design talents and has been the producer of websites & graphics for major companies & counties from N.Y., Los Angeles, CA & West Palm Beach, FL. His contributions to WellingtonPolo.com include both photography, graphic design and website help.

Photographer Oscar Fridman (Argentina)

Oscar Fridman, An experienced photographer both on & off the polo fields, brings the excitement & a unique perspective of Argentina's best polo players to WellingtonPolo.com. His contribution allows us here in the U.S. to follow our favorite players, horses & teams.
Oscar Fridman has been providing Argentina Polo Photography for WellingtonPolo.com since 2011, including his coverage of the 2014 Cartier Queen's Cup in the UK and Argentina's Triple Crown.
We are pleased to announce his continued contribution of the 2018 Jockey Club Open & Triple Crown Argentine Polo Season, featuring the world's 3 highest-rated polo tournaments.

Photographer Amanda Leeming (Sotogrande, Spain)

Amanda Leeming, an equestrian, mom & photographer, lived in Spain & photographed polo during the summer at the Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande, Spain. Amanda provided Spain's polo photo coverage for WellingtonPolo.com from 2011 - 2013 as well as being the leading contributor to PoloNewsSpain.com


Polo is rapidly becoming the chosen sport among equestrians and fans of high action sports. Many equestrians from other disciplines are learning that polo is not only fun to watch - but fun for the players and horses. We encourage everyone to watch from the sidelines of a game - whether it is Junior polo,  High-goal polo, Women's polo or any of the great games each league has to offer.

Welcome to the Polo World of Wellington Polo