Ylvisaker Cup 20 Goal at IPCPB

Wellington Photo continues High Goal Polo coverage with the 20 Goal 2011 Ylvisaker Cup, Inaugurated in 2003 &  played at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, during the Wellington, Florida Winter Polo season.
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MVP Mariano Uranga

Zacara wins the 2011 Ylvisaker Cup defeating Equuleus 8-6
February 20, 2011 at International Polo Club Palm Beach, Wellington

Results / Gallery Links:
The Slide show Gallery/Links represent the 20 goal Ylvisaker Cup games the Wellington Photo Team has covered. All slide shows open to full screen and link to the original gallery. If you are a Team Member, Owner, Player or Groom, please contact us for game dvd's. See Upcoming Game Schedule Below.

NEWS: Zacara defeats Equuleus 8-6 in the Ylvisaker Finals Sunday, Feb 20th - 3pm - Piaget Field
Zacara vs Equuleus Game Gallery

Lyndon Lea with his Magdalena - the Best Playing Pony of the
201120 Goal Ylvisaker Cup Finals
 Zacara vs Equuleus
Opening Ceremonies
Halftime Fun
People Loving Polo

Zacara vs Equuleus
Horses/Grooms Gallery

Zacara vs Equuleus
Award Ceremonies

February 16, 2011 Semifinals: Equuleus defeats Patagones 11-7
 Equuleus vs Patagones Game Gallery

 Equuleus vs Patagones
Horses/Grooms Gallery

February 16, 2011 Semifinals: Zacara defeats Lucchese
Zacara vs Lucchese Game Gallery

 Zacara vs Lucchese
Horses/Grooms Gallery
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February 13, 2011 Zacara defeats Lechuza Caracas 8-7
Zacara vs Lechuza Caracas Game Gallery

Zacara vs Lechuza Caracas
Horses/Grooms Gallery

February 6, 2011 ERG defeats Lechuza Caracas 10-8
ERG vs Lechuza Game Gallery

ERG/Lechuza Horses/Grooms Gallery

Opening Ceremonies & Halftime Fun

February 4, 2011 Equuleus defeats Lechuza Caracas 8-7
Equuleus vs Lechuza Game Gallery

Equuleus/Lechuza Horses/Grooms Gallery

February 2nd, 2011 Lucchese defeats Faraway 11-10 (O/T)

Lucchese vs Faraway Game Gallery

Lucchese/Faraway Horses/Grooms Gallery

February 2nd, 2011 Patagones defeats Valiente 11-8
Patagones vs Valiente Game Gallery

Patagones/Valiente Horses/Grooms Gallery

January 30, 2011 Lucchese defeats Patagones 10-9
Lucchese vs Patagones Game Gallery

Lucchese/Patagones Horses/Grooms Gallery

People (& Dogs) Loving Polo

January 30, 2011 ERG defeats Bendabout 11-9
ERG vs Bendabout Game Gallery

ERG / Bendabout Horses & Grooms Gallery

January 29, 2011 Mt Brilliant defeats Faraway 9-8
Mt Brilliant vs Faraway Game Gallery

Mt Brilliant / Faraway Horses & Grooms Gallery

January 29, 2011 Equuleus defeats Zacara 8-6

Equuleus vs Zacara Game Gallery

Equuleus / Zacara Horses & Grooms Gallery



Bracket I:                               

Faraway: (20)

Hutton Goodman 0

Julio Gracida 4

Julio Arellano 9

Sugar Erskine 7                   

Lucchese: (19)

John Muse 0

Andres Weisz 6

Luis Escobar 7

Kris Kampsen 6                   

Valiente: (20)

Bobby Jornayvaz 0

Jeff Hall 8

Miguel Astrada 9

Stewart Armstrong 3            

Patagones: (20)

Gonzalo Avendano 2

Santiago Wulff 5

Memo Gracida 7

Carlos Avendano 6               

Mt Brilliant: (20)

Bo Goodman 1

Nicolas Roldan 8

Mike Azzaro 8

Ulysses Escapite 3               


Bracket II:                              

Bendabout: (20)

Gillian Johnston 1

Iñaki LaPrida 6

Lucas Criado 9

Chris Nevins 4                     

ERG: (20)

Scott Wood 0

Santiago Torres 5

Jason Crowder 6

Paco DeNarvaez 9               

Zacara: (20)

Lyndon Lea 1

Gonzalo Del Tour 7

Jeff Blake 7

Mariano Uranga 5                 

Equuleus: (20)

Joe DiMenna 0

Mariano Obregon 6

Adam Snow 7

Mariano Gonzalez 7              

Lechuza Caracas: (20)

Victor Vargas 1

Guille Aguero 6

Gaston Lisioli 6

Toto Collardin 7

Game Schedule:                                           

Sat Jan 29

1pm Equuleus defeats Zacara 8-6    Field 5 Bracket II

3pm Mt Brilliant defeats Faraway 9-8 Field 4 Bracket I

Sun Jan 30

Noon ERG defeats Bendabout 11-9   field 3  Bracket II

3pm Lucchese defeats Patagones 10-9 Piaget Field

Bracket I

Wed Feb 2

1pm PatagonesdefeatsValiente 11-8 field 2 Bracket I

3pm Lucchese defeats Faraway11-10 O/T Piaget Field

Bracket I

Thurs Feb 3

3:30pm ERG defeats Zacara 13-9          Bracket II

Fri Feb 4

10:30am Equuleus defeats Lechuza 8-7 field 5 Bracket II

Sat Feb 5

1pm Lucchese defeats Mt Brilliant 12-11  Bracket I

3pm Faraway defeats Valiente 12-10      Bracket I

Sun 6

Noon Bendabout defeats Zacara 15-13   Bracket II

3pm ERG defeats Lechuza Caracas 10-8  Bracket II

Wed Feb 9

1pm Patagones defeats Faraway 13-11 Field 5 Bracket I

3pm Mt Brilliant defeats Valiente 10-9 Field 2 Bracket I

Thurs Feb 10

11am Lechuzadefeats Bendabout11-9 field 3 Bracket II

3pm Equuleus defeats ERG 12-9 field 4            Bracket II

Sat Feb 12

2pm* Valiente defeats Lucchese 10-7    Bracket I

Sun Feb 13

Noon Patagones defeats Mt Brilliant13-12 O/T Bracket I

Noon Zacara defeats Lechuza 8-7         Bracket II

3pm Bendabout defeats Equuleus 11-10 Bracket II

Wed Feb 16 Ylvisaker Semifinals

1pm Semifinal: Zacara defeats Lucchese (West Field)

3pm Semifinal: Equuleus defeats Patagones (field 4)

Wed Feb 16 Haas Cup Semifinals (Subsidiary to

the Ylvisaker Cup)

10am Haas Cup Semifinal: (at Everglades field)

  • Faraway vs Bendabout

12pm Haas Cup Semifinal:(at Jan Pamela field)

  • ERG vs Mt Brilliant

Sat Feb 19

3pm 40 Goal Challenge to benefit the Polo Players

Support Group (PPSG)

Sun Feb 20

Noon George Haas Cup Final

3pm Ylvisaker Cup Final - Piaget Field (Main Stadium)

Zacara defeats Equuleus 8-6

All Games are played at the International Polo Club Palm Beach
3667 120th Avenue South
Wellington, FL 33414

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